Paralympic Schools Week

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Paralympic Schools Week 2016

Building on the success of Paralympic Schools Week 2015, the Canadian Paralympic Committee is pleased to announce the dates for next year’s event: Paralympic Schools Week will take place April 25-29, 2016.

Paralympic Schools Week is an annual weeklong celebration of parasport and the Paralympic Movement, enjoyed by schools from coast to coast.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to show your support for Team Canada and get your students active in parasport!

Mark your calendars and get ready for a variety of exciting ways to get involved, from free resources and activity ideas to lessons plans and even the chance to win a school visit from a Paralympian! With the Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games coming up in the summer of 2016, Paralympic Schools Week will be a perfect way to build excitement in your classroom or gym.

For any questions or additional information about Paralympic Schools Week please contact:

Jenny Davey, Senior Coordinator, System Development & Education
Tel: 613.569.4333 x233



School Testimonials

"On behalf of our school community, I would like to thank you, the Paralympic Committee, and Sarah Hunter for the outstanding presentation we enjoyed on Friday. From the moment she arrived, Sarah connected with parents and staff and as soon as the students entered the gym she engaged them in conversation as well. It never felt like Sarah was making a formal presentation; rather, we all felt we were having a visit with Sarah. We learned so much! Sarah spoke candidly about the challenges she and other have faced, but she also made it clear that she would not change her life for anything. She encouraged the children to pursue their goals and believe that anything is possible. She told them that when they come to a roadblock, they should not give up. Instead, they should look for a solution."

— Coghlan Elementary School, Vancouver, BC

"I just wanted to thank the Paralympic Schools Week group on behalf of Glenbow. Jaye Milley is such an inspiration to everyone that was able to attend. What a friendly, vibrant, and determined fellow. His presentation was beyond enjoyable. The word spread that Jaye was coming and his audience grew from 44 to 120. We were crammed into a very tiny space in our library and not one child complained the entire time. I have honestly never seen a Glenbow group so focused and captivated by anyone. Jaye, we hope that all of your dreams come true. You sure do have a lot of new fans out here. I've already gotten a message from one parent telling me that her 6 year old won't stop talking about you. We can't wait to cheer for you this summer and in all of your future endeavours. Thanks again, for taking the time out of you busy schedule to meet the needs of children and adults. We really loved having you in today. We promise to keep an ear out for that word Can't..."

— Glenbow Elementary School, Cochrane, AB

"Most importantly, I'd like to thank you and your staff for bringing such a wonderful program and opportunity to our school. Our students learned so much by doing research, listening to stories and watching videos. They were well prepared for Paul Rosen's visit and valued the opportunity to meet such an amazing person. Paul's presentation was fabulous!! He provided important messages to our students and I am sure they left that presentation with good thoughts for themselves. I must say I have never seen 335 students sit so quietly for such a long period of time and be so focussed on one person. Paul was so kind. He signed all the super hero cards, plus a lot of clothing, shoes , hats and shorts. The students didn't leave the gym, they wanted to be close to him and wanted the personal touch of him signing something that belonged to to them. He didn't turn anyone away....absolutely a wonderful man!! Thank you once again for this opportunity!! We will never forget it."

— St Dominic School, Lindsay, ON

"I just wanted to tell you what a great job Katarina Roxon did with our school today. She presented to almost 1,000 students at our school throughout the day starting at 9:00 and ending at 2:00. She did a fantastic job interacting with the students, answering their questions honestly and with a sense of humor also. Both she and her dad were very open and easy to talk to. They both are wonderful ambassadors of the Paralympic Team. Thank you so much for all of your hard work with arranging for this to happen. It was a great honor to all of us to have them here. Thanks again, Heather (and the rest of Gander Academy staff and students) P.S. Their posters are on the way!"

— Gander Academy, N